Monday, July 10, 2017

My Molar Pregnancy Experience- A Journey to Healing

Hi everyone. Today my post is regarding my Complete Molar Pregnancy Experience. It’s a long and messy journey.

August 2015
So, on 7th August 2015, I had my first D&C. Because at 10-12 weeks pregnant, there is no baby/Fetal pole, only the sac. So I did my D&C at Colombia Asia Hospital Setapak. Everything went fine. The doctor initially suspected molar, she send the sample to the lab, and it was not molar.

December 2015
So, for a few months after the D&C, my period is not so stable, I was bleeding. So On December 2015, I haemorrhage in a restaurant in public, it was like a scene in a horror movie. Blood everywhere!!! I pity the patrons of the restaurant that day. I apologize to the worker there and rush to Hospital Naluri in Wangsa Maju. I explained to the doctor my predicament, she suspected Molar Pregnancy even though the lab report stated otherwise and refer me to Ampang Hospital. She helped me set up an appointment.
A few days before the appointment, I had another haemorrhage at home, so went to the Accident and Emergency Unit in Hospital Ampang. They injected me with some medicine, send me home and remind me to come back in a few days to attend the appointment. I went to the hospital for my appointment, and the attending doctor refer me to be admitted for chemotherapy
Prior to chemo, on the ultrasound, the doctors saw some mass in my uterus and decided to perform another D&C on 11 December 2015.The chemotherapy treatment is put on hold.

March 2016
After the D&C, the doctors monitor my HCG level for about 10-12 weeks (3 months) till March 2016. My level went down but plateau. The doctors refer me to the Gynae-Oncology team to do chemotherapy.  I had an important training at work, so I stopped going to the hospital and decided not to proceed with chemotherapy.   
I monitor my BHCG levels a few times after that at private lab outside, but the level plateau at 30++ never 5. I concentrated on my career and at the same time try to conceive. No success.

February 2017
I scheduled an appointment with another Doctor who is a Fertility Specialist at Colombia Asia Hospital Setapak. I told him my story/history. In his professional opinion, he said I have to go through the chemotherapy then can try to conceive (TTC) again 6 months post-chemo.

April 2017
I know now by hook or by crook, I have to proceed with chemotherapy. I avoided Hospital Ampang because I knew the regime there, the chemo treatment is in-patient for each cycle, have to stay in hospital for 9-10days even though the doctors there are nice, but I hated staying in hospitals. I am looking for out-patient chemo treatment. So, I schedule another appointment with a Gynae-Oncologist Expert in UMSC (University Malaya Specialist Centre), the private side of PPUM. After a lengthy discussion, chemotherapy is a must, daycare/outpatient chemotherapy treatment is available but the doctor has to decide which chemotherapy protocol to proceed. I had my CT scan done prior to chemo by the way. Looks clear, no metastasis on lungs,brain or uterus.I am lucky, I guess. Still, chemotherapy have to be performed. It is agreed that I will be on single-agent Methotrexate (MTX) chemotherapy treatment, The doctors initially plan to start me with the triple-agent EMACO (Etoposide,methotreaxate,Actinomycin D) which can cause me to lose my hair, but I insisted to go ahead with the single agent methotrexate so I can keep my hair and the side effects are much less severe than the triple-agent chemo. The doctors agreed but the will monitor how my body react to MTX. They will give me only 3cycles. If MTX does not work, I have to proceed with EMACO.
Alhamdulillah, after the first cycle of MTX Chemo, my BHCG levels dropped from 30 to 3. The normal range for BHCG is below 5, but for PPUM, the doctors insisted below 2. So, with the second cycle of chemo, my levels are already normal, below 2. Doctors insisted I have to complete the whole course of 6cycles in total.

July 2017.
I am done with my chemotherapy treatment.6 cycles in total. My body BHCG levels is now normal.  Let’s hope my levels stay normal, and I can now try for a baby 6-8months post chemotherapy. Below is my Beta HCG level drop (within 1year and a half time window)

200,000++ (before 1st D&C)
7000(before 2nd D&C)
30 (before Chemo)
3 (After 1st cycle Chemo)
>2(After 2nd Chemo)

After almost 2 years, I am finally done. If only I knew PPUM has a Daycare Treatment Center, I would have proceeded with chemotherapy last year.  But what is done, is done. The only way to move is forward.
After much tears, fears and et cetera, I hope I can finally put this Molar Pregnancy chapter behind me and look forward to my rainbow baby. I hope I can conceive next year and be able to give birth to a healthy boy/girl. Please pray for me.
For those who is having the same predicament as me, don’t be scared. If chemotherapy is needed, just proceed, get it over with. Don’t be like me, waited for almost 2 years. I’m lucky I’m still alive and whatever I have is not cancerous. If in-patient chemotherapy is not an option, try talking to the doctor for an outpatient treatment options. Don’t run away. That is all from me.


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