Saturday, August 4, 2012

OMG!!! 2012.

Hi all,

It's been 2 years since I last wrote here I think, wow!!!In 2 years so many things happened. My life is so in the fast-lane, fast-track, whatever you want to call it. Got engaged, got married, celebrate my 1-year anniversary and I quit my previous job working Offshore!!

Currently, I'm working in the office, but I really miss working in the offshore environment, I thought I had enough working offshore, with the traveling and etc, apparently not. I guess I miss working in the field. But no regrets, I think working in the office offers me better opportunity in terms of the learning curve, and since I'm pregnant and going to be a mummy this December ( hopefully!) working in the office suits my needs for now. Maybe I'll go back offshore when my baby grows up, or maybe, when I finally meet my baby, offshore is the last thing on my mind, we'll see!

What else? Oh, yeah, I also went to Mecca with my husband to perform the Umrah earlier this year. It was a very wonderful experience not only that it is a spiritual journey to bring us closer to our Creator, but also I get to know my husband more. The good and the bad :)
 It's funny isn't it, we've known each other for ages (since early 2007) but there's still some things about him that I don't know, and I still learn something new about him every day till now. So, I hope that's a good thing.

I found out about my pregnancy just a week or so before I went on my final offshore trip with my previous company. I don't know since when my baby existed.....before Mecca, during Mecca....I don't know, it was sort of unexpected on my side. Kinda. But now I'm very happy and look forward to meet my baby this December. My pregnancy is going well so far. Feel a little tired but it does not stop me from staying active. I do not put too much weight yet, just slightly, possibly because it's my first baby.

So things are a little boring and slow on my side. I can't wait till the end of August to arrive because I'm going for a training course. Looking forward to that!

That's all for now. Maybe I'll update in another 2 years....haha..